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With over 1,000 succesful surgeries, we help patients restore their confidence and improve their quality of life. 

Dr. Alexander Cárdenas Cirugía Reconstructiva
Dr. Alexander Cárdenas Dr. Alexander Cárdenas
Cirugía Reconstructiva

Reconstructive Surgery

Boost your self-esteem and restore confidence in yourself. 

We are a team of surgeons specialized in facial reconstruction and other body extremities caused by congenital deformities or accidental trauma and nerve injuries.

With microsurgery, we can transfer blocks of subcutaneous tissue, fat, fascia and muscle; as well as bone, arteries, nerves and veins; phalanges or complete fingers of the feet and hands including tendons.

Cirugía Estética

Cosmetic Surgery

Achieve the image you've always wanted.

Our patients come to us for any of the following: face rejuvenation and reduce sagging; breast reduction or implants; as well as volume increase or decrease of the abdomen, waist, buttocks and calves. Modify your body structure and look like you have always dreamed of.

Honorable Mentions

"GEA - PUIS" award, UNAM University Health Research Program and the Dr. Manuel Gea González General Hospital

Founder and President of "Moebius Movement Mexico"

Professor of the "Specialty in Facial Paralysis and Peripheral Nerve" course at UNAM University.

Adjunct Professor of the "Subspecialty in Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery" course.

Dr. Alexander Cárdenas Cirujano Plástico

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